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Selcuk Torun | Composer

Cinematic music
that works.

Scripted music vivifies films.

Title music

Trailer, title song, clip, theme for ARD, BBC, Pro7, Splendid Film, ZDF and more

Theme, soundtrack & movie score

Soundtracks, themes, main theme, movie scores, television film, documentaries

Image & commercial films

Corporate films, image films, advertising for Audi, AIDA and Lamborghini, Siemens and Toyota

Audio, media & multimedia

Shows, podcasts, jingles, radio, multimedia, YouTube


A select few from over 600 projects. Want more? Get in touch.

My work is all about narratives – the ebb and flow, the twists and turns, the way my clients want to tell their stories with music. That marriage of movie and music is what I do and it’s what I love. Dramaturgy is an essential part of my work.

Clients first. Always.

Many have opted for my services. Some you might even know:

Video gallery

Making of this and that, scripted music, Tarantino, and more

Soundtrack of an action scene of the series Westworld (HBS, Filmmusik)

Making of: Turning a simple chord progression into an epic score

Making ofs & scripted music

Making of the Galileo title theme
Music to fit the script
Scripted music for a Floyd Case ad
Scripted music for Stalingrad

Guerilla Composing

Guerilla composing #01: Can you hum me a melody?
Guerilla composing #02: Can you hum me a melody? (2)
Guerilla composing #03: Something Disney-like.

Making of, how to & entertainment

Making of the Splendid Film audiologo
Composing for a trailer (Mr. Robot)
Couleur locale
Music agent
Selcuk Torun

Well-made music is a magnetic force. The best is irresistible.

My job is to draw people in with that magnetism. I’ve been doing it since 1997 for TV, films, and media.
The pairing of music and moving pictures is on par with opera, that most complex art form that marries music to drama and staging. But all that complexity serves a single, simple purpose – to conjure emotions.
Years of training in classical piano, orchestration, and cinematic composition gave me the skills to create sounds that support and underscore the visions of others. This acquired craft and a sprinkling of innate talent has carried me through hundreds of projects and garnered a bevy of internationally awards.
Among my biggest music gigs are the work I’ve done and continue to do for Pixomondo in Los Angeles, multimedia shows in Asia, and the award-winning theme music for Galileo, German TV broadcaster Pro7’s long-running knowledge and lifestyle show. Here are some samples for your listening pleasure.



Studio: +49 8071-95 34-8
Mobile: +49 171-4335905


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