Selcuk Torun

Born 1969 in Munich, Germany. Professional composer of music for movies, TV & media since 1998.

I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember. As a youngster, I had a band for 12 years. As fun as that was, it wasn’t what I my heart was telling me to do. I would have to up my game to pursue my real passion – making music for movies. So I studied classical and jazz piano in Austria, the Land of Music, with concert pianist Eberhard Wetzel in Salzburg and J.S. Bach scholar Thomas Knapp in Kufstein.

Thinkspace’s Guy Mitchelmore of Portsmouth, UK, taught me about cinematic scoring and orchestration. I earned a diploma in cinematic orchestration with the help of a fine teacher, Los Angeles-based Milton Nelson. Hundreds of incredible experiences staging TV shows and all kinds of projects later, I’m still delighted and blessed to be working for and collaborating with wonderful people around the world.

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