Composing music is an art, but delivering it in a way that satisfies the client is all business. I try to strike the right balance, composing with the invested passion and spirit of an artist and delivering on my performance promise with the professionalism of a diligent service provider.

I prefer to take on projects that challenge the artist in me to make a creative contribution to the greater work. That often takes courage and patience, but it’s what I do best, as 20 years and 600 projects of this nature go to show.

Here are a select few of those:

Theme music and audio design packages for TV (excerpt)

  • ARD – main theme, Kosmos Gehirn
  • BBC films – main theme, TO:KI:O
  • BR – station IDs
  • DSF – station IDs, main theme, audio logos
  • Kabel1 – station IDs
  • MDR – main theme, Auf schmaler Spur
  • MDR – main theme, Exakt Politmagazin
  • NDR – main theme, Family Babek Padar
  • NDR – soundtrack, Wolfgang Joop Filmmusik
  • NDR – soundtrack, David Bowie
  • ORF Enterprises – score, Text Aktuell
  • ORF – soundtrack and themes, Panorama and previews
  • Pro7 – theme tune and audio design, Galileo Das Wissensmagazin
  • Pro7 – Sam Das Mittagsmagazin, main theme, station IDs
  • Pro7 – theme tune, Arabella.
  • RTL II – trailers
  • SAT1 – main theme, Klinikum Berlin Mitte
  • SAT1 – title track, Im Visier der Zielfahnder
  • TV München – main theme Lejeune Talkshow
  • ZDF – main theme, Salt Lake City Olympics

Films and shorts (excerpt)

  • Der Spielgefährte (movie, drama, 90 min.)
  • FFW (image film, drama, Cannes Silver award winner)
  • Im Visier der Zielfahnder (TV series, crime, 12 x 55 min.)
  • Klinikum Berlin Mitte (TV series, drama, 39 x 45 min.)
  • Krieg im Kopf (short, drama)
  • Schicksale (TV series, drama)
  • Würde (short, drama, 99fire films Award/Berlinale Winner)


  • Kaffeelust – Eine Genussreise (DVD, 80 min)
  • Mysteries of the brain (TV series, 30 x 21min.)
  • Wolfgang Joop persönlich (NDR, 45 min.)

Image films for industrial customers (excerpt)

Audi, AIDA, Airbus, Allianz, BMW, Cancom, Lamborghini, Lufthansa, Lexus, Kärcher, Opel, OSRAM, Pixomondo L.A., Siemens, TOYOTA, Schindler, Scotch, MAN, Workflow Pictures, RTT, 3rdExcite, 3rd Flavour, Al dente Entertainment, WOLF and many more

  • Aida: Songs for the image film and music for all shows on board the cruise ship
  • Audi: Image film in Dolby Surround; music and audio design for the brand refresh
  • Kärcher: Composition for a global advertising campaign
  • Lamborghini: Image film, music and audio design
  • Lexus: Short soundtrack for the new line of SUVs
  • Pixomondo: Various soundtracks for show reels and imagefilms

Multimedia shows (excerpt)

  • Holoport 3D show in Chennai, India
  • Holoport 3D show in Dolby Surround on Hainan Island, China
  • Ocean Flower Island Sea Stage show on Hainan Island, China, 60 min. scripted score for a multimedia show
  • Romon U-Park in Ningbo,China, 40 Min. scripted score for a multimedia show
  • Roshen fountain show in Vinnitsia, Ukraine
  • Ziylan multimedia show in Istanbul, Turkey
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