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Make your own podcast unique

Why do you need a podcast audio logo?

  1. Attention please effect:
    It´s kind of “Here we go!” Your brain switches on to receive information.
  2. Recognizability:
    As soon as we define a topic acoustically, it is comparable to a logo on your own letterhead. In this case – your ears.
  3. Refined presentation:
    An audio logo is like a passe-partout that sits between a photo and a picture frame. With an audio logo it seems like a presentation and therefore simply more elegant.
  4. Professionalism:
    An audio logo enhances your podcast. A “Welcome, our todays topic…” is simply too banal. If you want to stand out, the overall package has to be right. Therefore, an audio logo for podcasts is not a “nice to have” today. A audio logo shows your professionalism.
Podcast Intro Musik

Podcast audio logos: Listen to samples straight to your ear

Audio branding for podcasts

5 fictional podcast audio logos composed by Selcuk Torun

Style? Everything is possible from neo-classical to heavy metal to hip-hop. Underscores in the style of the audio logo are often added. It starts with the audio logo first, which then seamlessly transitions into identical background music for the introduction and ends or fades out just in time for your conversation.

In the folowwing videos there are a few fictitious examples for different subject areas:

Crime & Thrillers | Consulting/Education | Sports | Comedy | Literature & Culture

Good podcasts have an audio branding

Good podcasts have an audio branding

You can´t just start a podcast with a dry “Hello, our todays topic…”


The “attention please effect” is missing. A short, concise intro with recognition value. I’ve been doing the same for TV for two decades. Ever wondered why?

Hence the question:

“Do you also make music for podcasts?”

Yes, of course.

My job as a film and media composer is to translate a theme musically. So Podcasts make no difference. Here it’s just not pictures, but rather the theme itself, which I define musically.

If you search for podcasts, you realize how popular they have become and reach millions of listeners. Having your own audio branding/audio logo is therefore something more than a “nice to have”.

The goal is to differentiate yourself qualitatively and establish a brand. Which means an audio logo for podcasts is like a company logo on the letterhead. Just for your ears. And we all know how important branding is.

Cost and expenses? Yes, I have that too.

Depending on the effort and length, it starts at EUR 999.
Yes, I know, it’s a killer price ;o)

Make your own podcast unique!

A non-committal conversation costs you nothing. No intro music or inappropriate intro music could cost you listeners.

Or just call:

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