March 2019

I was invited by my partner Emotion Media Factory to Dubai to assist them on their booth as a musical advisor. Music is the soul of any multi media show. And it should guide the audience emotionally through the story. I love working side by side with producers, directors, CGI and VR artists to achieve this goal.

February 2019

My latest work in China is now open and can be visited on Hainan Island. A holoport show created and produced by my client Emotion Media Factory. It was so much fun to compose the score for this show. And we went the extra mile and produced the whole thing in immersive 9.1 Surround Dolby Atmo. Sounds incredible!

Cinematic Composing / Scoring the screen

It´s part of every profession to educate yourself, constantly! No matter how experienced one already is.
So this month, I’m completing Andy Hill’s „Scoring the Screen“ course.
Andy was vice president of music productions at Walt Disney Pictures.
What he has to say about music and dramaturgy in film is an eye-opener.